12 hour Analog Clock

WorldTimeServer.co is a world leader in providing local times around around the world with accurate adjustments for local daylight saving rules. Now we are providing a way for you to upgrade your blog or website with an free analog web clock showing the current time where you are, simply by adding some HTML code to your page or template. It will update automatically for the Daylight Saving Time rules for your selected location. It's FREE and customizable, too!

  1. Customize your color, size, and location below
  2. Get your HTML code to paste into your web site or blog
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New York

Choose your color (even a custom one to match your site color scheme), size, location and city

Clock Color:
Black Coral Olive Sky Blue
Maroon Burnt Orange Forest Green Cornflower Blue
Crimson Orange Lime Green Blue
Red Mustard Light Green Navy
Deep Pink Yellow Green Purple
Pink Light Yellow Teal Orchid
Custom Hex: #
City Name: (Optional)

Option 1: Object HTML Code

This html code is best for most websites. To use for your site, please cut and paste the following HTML Code:

Option 2: Embed HTML Code

Many blogs block object tags but allow embed tags instead. If the Object code above does not work on your site, try the following HTML Code instead:


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